Increasing leadership capacity is not a pat solution – it’s not discovered in a book, or through a seminar, or found overnight.

It takes deep personal reflection – looking at our personal history, understanding key influencers and drivers in our own development, and reflecting on past experiences in our personal and professional lives that have shaped who we are as leaders. Our identity as leaders shapes all of our decisions and behavior.

From experience, we know that leaders want

  • insightful and practical content they can apply from a trustworthy source
  • to be assured that the content is ‘real’ and not derived from passing fads, clichés, and ‘pat answers’, and
  • to know there is a place they can go to that is willing to address sensitive and difficult leadership issues from a range of perspectives

This is a place where our clients learn things about themselves that transcend the workplace – they uncover powerful insights that affect every aspect of their lives.