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Why Courageous Leaders Are Vulnerable

“We can’t afford to take the risk.” “If I follow through with this decision, I run the risk of losing the support of my staff.” “I wish I had made the decision to set aside budget for innovation when we were in a comfortable position. I didn’t ...

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Making Decisions

You make 1000’s of decisions every day—ranging from smaller, insignificant ones, to those of great importance.  But have you ever stopped to think about how you make decisions?  Why is it that some leaders find it easier to make certain decisions than others?  When you are confronted ...

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How much does my leadership impact the bottom-line?

In a series of narcissism studies by Professor Alex Frino, the Dean of the Macquarie School of Management, he concluded that "there was a clear correlation between the level of CEO narcissism and the company’s use of ‘earnings management’ - a technique which takes advantage of the flexibility in accounting ...

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