LCP™ is an innovative program with a proven approach that systematically harnesses the power of alignment to dramatically increase an executive’s capacity to lead and drive a culture of lasting performance throughout the organization.

Based on 5 Leadership Anchors™ that sit at the heart of LCP™, clients are able to leverage key strengths and experiences to achieve their goals, at the same time resolving conflicts that impede performance.  Its unique multidimensional approach focuses on aligning their purpose, values, motivation and strengths, with their organizational, professional, and personal goals.

The success for clients that use LCP is evidenced by their increased capacity and ability to achieve their 90-day goals, while contributing to building a culture of improved and sustained performance. This creates a new trajectory for both the leader and the organization.

LCP™ is more than a program; it is a transformational leadership experience.


90 Days

A key to liberating your capacity and gaining greater control over your life and priorities as a leader is the next 90 days!

Having a 90-Day plan with an experienced, insightful LCP coach increases the probability of you achieving your ‘transforming goals’ by stimulating progress and gaining important traction by creating real momentum. It is the difference between having a good idea and seeing it achieved; or having a list of what needs to be done, and seeing genuine outcomes achieved. Your personal LCP Journal, resulting from your online assessment, acts as a catalyst for resolving conflicts, removing roadblocks, and giving focus, energy and newfound capacity to achieve your goals.

In addition to having greater clarity about your goals and a clearer picture of what defines success for you, subsequent 90-day coaching engagements present an opportunity to consolidate new patterns of behavior and reinforce key learnings. It is another step towards letting go of things that don’t support your goals.

90 Days with an accredited LCP™ Coach

Increase the likelihood of achieving your 90-Day plan with an LCP Coach.

A critical issue for many leaders is that they feel that they have nowhere to go—no one who can help them gain more capacity at work and at home—someone who understands who they are, where they are, and has an insightful, practical solution to what seems like their “I’m in it alone” problems.

Coaching is tailored specifically to the needs of individual leaders and leadership teams using their personal LCP Journals. While this can be done face-to-face, the online assessment and LCP Journal enable the coach and client to leverage virtual (online) coaching sessions. This creates greater flexibility around the demanding schedules that are part of a leader’s world.

5 Online Phases


Key relationships in the workplace affect our performance and are not only influenced by our interpersonal skills and the quality of our relationships, but by what motivates and drives us (and them) towards achieving our goals and the outcomes we expect.

This phase focuses on your history, background and work experiences while identifying strengths and key learnings you can leverage in your current role and future goals.


Every leader expects to perform; and while this is normal, all too often leaders carry the burden of juggling the expectations of a diverse number of groups. There is a sense that “my life is not my own anymore” as increasingly leaders are told who they should be, what they should be interested in, and what they should be doing. With these pressures, it is easy to lose sight of the things that truly make you ‘tick’ as an individual, and as a leader.

This phase focuses on your personal interests, what you are passionate about, what motivates you, your values and your networks of influence; reflecting on the influences that have shaped your leadership identity and the goals you want to achieve.


Every leader has an array of skills and abilities that have been acquired through experience, while some are unique to their natural personality style.

This phase integrates your understanding of those skills and abilities, and combines it with your collective experiences along with historical and current data from various assessments (personality profiles, 360 Feedback, performance evaluations, etc.). This process validates what you are good at, and what attributes make you effective and influential as a leader.


In a high-pressure work context where you feel frustrated at not performing at the level you expect of yourself, only to arrive home and struggle to engage in your personal relationships, there is barely any time for reflection.

In this phase, you have the opportunity to step back from the information you have assembled in the other phases, and to think carefully on the connectedness of it all: to look at something with a fresh perspective, and to consider what patterns or trends might be emerging.

Goal Alignment

This phase is all about forward momentum and incorporating what has been learned into laying a strong foundation for a leader’s goals to be realized.

Here you have an opportunity to align key areas in your life that often bring challenges and conflicts to you achieving your organizational goals.  Through the proven LCP™ coaching approach, your goals will be refined and strategies will be identified to remove potential roadblocks—in personalized 3-Year, 12-Month, and 90-Day plans.