About LCP Global

“Success doesn’t have to come at the expense of something important to you.”

— Glenn Williams, CEO, LCP Global

LCP Global is an Australian company, focused on the research and development of proven leadership solutions designed to dramatically increase the capacity of leaders to lead and inspire others, helping them to create a culture of lasting performance.

Its vision is to define new ways for leaders to think and operate, achieving a more sustainable model of successful leadership and performance.

Leaders are becoming increasingly disillusioned, with the vast majority of them operating at a significant ‘capacity’ deficit.

Their lives are out of control. They are frustrated at not being able to perform at a level they expect of themselves, and the stress and anxiety of not being able to do what they need to do is negatively affecting their personal relationships—at work, and at home. They feel overwhelmed, isolated, and unable to “turn off.” As a result, organizational performance suffers, and the cycle repeats itself—more stress, less capacity, broken relationships, and poor corporate performance.

A critical issue for many leaders is that they feel that they have nowhere to go—no one who can help them gain more capacity at work and at home—someone who understands who they are, where they are, and has an insightful, practical solution to what seems like their “I’m in it alone” problems.

They need a catalyst for change and an innovative, yet proven approach to growing their leadership capacity.

Utilizing a large body of research from working with senior leaders and executives globally, LCP Global has identified 5 Leadership Anchors™ which are at the heart of its Leadership Capacity Program (LCP).

Using LCP™, clients leverage key strengths and experiences to achieve their goals, at the same time resolving conflicts that impede performance.  Its unique multidimensional approach focuses on aligning their purpose, values, motivation and strengths, with their organizational, professional, and personal goals.